DeFi Asset Management Conference

Zurich, December 6th 2022

The first digital asset conference in Switzerland focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and its application for institutional managers

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Meet our Speakers and Panelists


Arutr Sepp

Head of Portfolio Construction


Lucas A. Ereth

Managing Director, GenTwo Digital


Valerio Job

Lead, Crypto Settlement & Custody


Jakub Wojciechowski

Founder, Redstone Finance


Cyrill Tröndle

Co-Founder, NUMEUS


Daniel Fischmann

Research Lead, L1 Digital


Peter Hofmann

Regional Manager, Coinbase


Jose J. Perez Aguinaga

Head of Digital Custody Services, SEBA Bank

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 16.25.46.png

Krzysztof Gogol

Co-founder ProxyFi, PhD cand.


Alain Kunz

Head of European Sales, GSR


Omer Suleman

Founder & Chief Product Officer, Haruko


Magdalena Tarasinska

Co-founder ProxyFi



DeFi Lead, Matter Labs/zkSync


Yves Cabré

Sales Director, Fireblocks


Matthias Weissl

Co-Founder & CEO, Verum Capital & Diatomix


Asaf Orpani

CEO & Founder, Arkhivist


Kevin Leuthardt

Head of Finance, Safe


Graham Nelson

Product Manager, Aave


Zurich, 6th December

12:30 DeFi Labs

Hands-on DeFi labs and course

16:00 Doors open for the Conference

16:15 Welcome Speech

Welcome from the organizers - ProxyFi and DeFi Asset Management Community and from the host - Ginetta.

16:30 Digital Asset Portfolio Construction

Presented by: Artur Sepp

16:45 TradFi goes DeFi - Structuring Actively Managed Certificates

Presented by: Lucas Ereth, GenTwo Digital

17:00 zkSync

Presented by: Sebastien Araoz/Matter Labs, zkSync

17:15 Smart Contract Risk for DeFi Investors

Presented by: Asaf Orpani/Arkhivist

17:25 Panel: DeFi Asset Management

Institutional investors from the DeFi Asset Management community
Panelists: Graham Nelson/Aave

17:50 Coffee Break

18:00 The Rise of Institutional and Private Banking Opportunities in DeFi

Presented by: Krzysztof Gogol, ProxiFy

18:15 'Honey, I shrunk the portfolio' – why risk management is critical to the crypto investment process’

Presented by: Omer Suleman, Haruko

18:30 Institutions enforcing DeFi: how to comply with AML via KYC Oracle

Presented by: Jakub Wojciechowski, Redstone Finance

18:45 Venture Capital Panel: The future of DeFi

Panelists: Cyrill Tröndle/NUMEUS, Daniel Fischmann/L1 Digital, Alain Kunz/GSR, Matthias Weissl/Diatomix, Magdalena Tarasinska/ProxyFi

19:15 Digital Asset Custody

Presented by: Valerio Job, Bank Frick

19:30 Panel: Security of Digital Assets

Panelists: Valerio Job/Bank Frick, Jose Aguinaga/Seba Bank, Peter Hofmann/Coinbase, Kevin Leuthardt/Safe

20:00 Networking & drinks

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Labs

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About the DeFiAM community

DeFiAM brings together institutional investors from DeFi as well as professional wealth managers, family offices, private banks and CeFi in a community of finance professionals to share their experience and build strong bonds between both environments allowing capital to flow free and secure for joint benefit.
Members of the community will exchange ideas and best practices with industry peers. Events will range from hands-on work shops to seminars and conferences including C-level from DeFi and TradFi, involved or interested in crypto.
Our mission is to facilitate development between professional and institutional DeFi and TradFi growing into one ecosystem.

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